Five easy recipes to make after work

Whilst I’ve taken the easy route lately and we’ve joined Gousto whilst they have an amazing deal on your first four boxes, I’m back into the swing of finding and trying new recipes, so I thought why not share easy dinner ideas that anyone can rustle up at home! 

Creamy avocado pesto spaghetti with roasted tomatoes  

This one was a Gousto recipe but I will definitely be making it this time and time again! It was a winner with both of us, but we did say it maybe didn’t need the tomatoes and would work well without. A lovely green pasta dish screams health and making your own avo pesto feels all kinds of bouji.  

Sausage ragu pasta bake  

Another pasta recipe, this time it was the turn of a sausage ragu pasta bake using Richmond meat-free sausages. I can’t remember where I got this recipe from, I think I used a mix of two different recipes from BBC Good Food to make the ragu. It was really filling and lasted a couple of days in the fridge too, which is always a bonus for leftovers.  

Aubergine and mushroom tikka masala 

Curries are my absolute favourite thing to cook, as they rarely go wrong and the more flavoursome, the better! Whilst I love making paneer and prawn curries, I’m branching out with more plant-based options and this aubergine and mushroom masala was delicious.  

I roasted the aubergine in the oven first, so it didn’t go soggy and I’m so glad that I did! I’ll be making this again and again for sure.  

Brocolli cheese gnocchi bake  

Yep, another bake! I’m such a fan of a recipe that you can bung together in a pot or dish ready to cook as it cuts down on washing up! This recipe was taken from Becs Bites on Instagram and it was so good! It didn’t require loads of ingredients or anything I couldn’t pick up during our weekly shop, so it ticked all the boxes! Head over to Bec’s page to see her recipe breakdown.  

Feta, harissa and honey spaghetti  

Here we go. The tik tok viral recipe, but with a twist. If you’re used to cooking with feta you’ll know it’s delicious but more often than not, it needs a little summin summi. And honey works perfectly with feta! Throw in ome rose harrisa and you’ve got a really tasty meal on your hands and again, its one that doesn’t require too much washing up afterwards!  

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the recipes or have any recommendations I need to try, let me know in the comments!

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