Home update: Three years after completion

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How have we lived in our home for three years? Its flown over so quickly and whilst we’re yet to paint a single wall, the house has turned into a home and it feels like us.

Lounge – Then & Now

I can’t believe how much this room has changed. The layout has changed, all of the furniture in the before picture was hand-me-down, from when we rented bar my beloved steal of a coffee table and everything has been replaced.

This room was such a mish mash of styles and the main item that was ‘us’ was the black coffee table.

I’m such a colourful person in my personal style but I do love a muted home. Black industrial style is my jam and getting the coffee table back in 2016 from John Lewis January sales was a nod of what our style would become over time. Because, this took time to replace and I love what it is now.

I would love to add more green to the room and if I could go back, I wouldn’t get grey curtains, I go for a linen beige. But we needed curtains when we moved in and grey was very much the interior jam, at the time.

But, this space is so us. Its calming, homely and cosy. In time I might add emerald green cushions to the sofa as we have pops of green in the form of a faux leaves, dried leaves and a real plant. But its wild to see how much its changed.

Kitchen/Diner – Then & Now

Whilst the kitchen diner has changed so much, in that we got rid of the gas hob and oven installed by our builders, Keepmoat and got a snazzy induction hob, being typically us we still haven’t tiled the kitchen.

We went with red a couple of years ago to replace the black utensils, but we’ve actually recently decided we’re having another colour change in here soon. We’re going to switch to mint green utensils, glas storage jars and paint the back wall behind the dining table mint green to match.

We spotted it on Location Location Location (lol) and thought it looked lovely with black accessories, I.e the bookcase and table and it’ll be nice to have a lighter colour to contrast the dark furniture.

This house will continue to be a work in progress until we eventually sell for our forever home. We’re in the process of getting quotes to get the garden done, so that’s our next big project and thing we’re saving up for.

Instagram can make it look like everyone is decorating all the time, with unlimited pots of money to do so, but its taken us three years to buy new furniture as we have to save up and work out whether its the right item to invest in and spend our money on as I’m not a fan of buying twice. Its all in moderation of what your budget allows and what you can afford!

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  1. saree says:

    Neat and clean. Lovely arrangements. Great patience we need to arrange things always,

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