My WFH Evening Routine

I’ve mentioned before how pivotal my evening and after work routine is to unwinding after work and separating working from home and relaxing after work.

Five evening habits to make

1. As soon as I close my laptop, every reminder of work goes away into a drawer. Putting my laptop, notebook and work phone away instantly help me separate work from home.

2. Then, I get Molly ready to get out the door on a dog walk. I treat this as my commute. Time to unwind, get some fresh air and up my step count before getting home again to relax.

3. As soon as I’m back, I head to the bathroom to take my make up off, wash my face and do my skincare routine so it’s done for the night and I feel fresh faced ready to cook dinner.

4. I have pjs for sleeping in and pjs for lounging in. I switch into the latter – either a set from Angelle Collection or my recent additions from Everything 5 Pounds and the sofa is set to recline! Pjs from Everything 5 Pounds

Pjs from Everything 5 Pounds

Slippers from Everything 5 Pounds

5. TV time! I love watching YouTube or a series on tv in the evenings and that’s my routine. I enjoy it, it helps me switch off and separate day from night!

*This post contains gifted items

2 thoughts on “My WFH Evening Routine

  1. Love this! I try to switch off in the evening by watching a sitcom. Also, I totally get you with the 2 pairs of PJs thing, me too ๐Ÿ™‚

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