New build house: Living room decor

When it comes to home decor and DIY, we’re very slow off the mark. We have one room that’s done in our house and we’ve lived here for coming up to three years but we’re not the type to rush. Especially when new builds are a blank canvas. Steady as she goes.

But! Our lounge is now actually done. I mean we haven’t painted any walls because of course we haven’t. But last year we decided to take the plunge and buy a new couch/suite because our old one was so so uncomfortable. It arrived two weeks ago and having surplus seats for more than just Darren and I with the dog sandwiched between is lovely!

Before – 2018 when we moved in

2019 – 2020

The Glow Up!

This room is now lovely to relax in and loads more space. Yes it’s very grey, but that’s our vibe.

Theres lots of black accessories in the room plus a real plant, some beige dried flowers and a large faux flowers bouquet in the bay window.

Changes I’d make – if we could be bothered!

I do feel like Instagram makes us think that people change their decor alot and are often making changes and switches to the same room over and over. This room is very grey like I said and when we first moved in back in 2018, that was the trend of the moment and our vibe.

Whilst that is still the case, I would make some small changes if we could be bothered. I say that as I do love this room, it feels like home and there’s no need to really make big changes but this is what I’d do –

  • Change the curtains from grey to cream/beige linen
  • Change the curtains tie backs from pearl detail to solid black
  • Change the vase in the bay window from silver to black or beige concrete effect
  • Change the coffee table coasters to something more interesting

Overall, we’re super happy with our new Sofolfy sofa and matching arm chair. They’re an investment and a half but so needed and after having second hand sofas for the last six years, it was time!

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