Buying Our House – What Renting Taught Me

Renting is a mind-field. Since we bought our house earlier this year we’re out of the trap, thank god. But if you’re a renter who’s saving for a deposit or, shock horror, someone who is happy renting and likes the flexibility of not being tied in, I’m now ready to look back on my experience fondly….kind of, anyway.

When it comes to renting, there are a fair few things to take into consideration. Things that I didn’t think of when we first starting to look for our first house, now play a massive part in our decision-making process. HomeLet recently got in touch to ask what I would consider when selecting my and I would advise anyone looking to start to rent, or looking for a new house to let to consider the following…

  • The age of the house (and condition)

The age of the house and how well-kept it is is a huge factor when you’re looking to rent. If you’re buying, these are things you can change – but if you’re renting it is at the discretion of the landlord or letting agent what state the house is in. This could small issues such as the exterior of the house to the break down of the boiler.

The latter happened to us last November, and living without hot water or heating for three days was a frustration, to say the least and it was up to the landlord whether a new boiler was fitted or a quick-fix was employed to get the house back in running order. Again, the latter was chosen as it was the cheapest route to take…

  • Location, location, location

Whilst this isn’t your forever home, you will class rented houses/flats as your home and location can be a tricky one. If you’re on a short-term tenancy, it’s ok, for now. But if you’re planning to have kids or pets in the house, it’s important to take local schools and dog walking routes into consideration.

  • Costs add up

Renting ain’t cheap, fact. There are the letting agent fees, application fees, deposit and first month’s rent to take into consideration. That’s before you’ve set up your council tax, utility bills or even thought about how much you want to spend on food shops per month.

Check out the utility providers when you’re viewing the property and get an idea of council tax as this will shape how much money you will be spending on the home every month – whether that’s based on one person, two or more.

If you are looking to rent, I advise employing your common sense when viewing new houses and flats, and always try and see the bigger picture, so you don’t get any nasty surprises when you do move in!

*This is a collaborative post

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