Men’s Grooming // Disposable vs Double Edge Razors #AD

Men’s Grooming // Disposable vs Double Edge Razors #AD

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about men’s grooming, but as we hit the mid-way point of 2018, I’ve been planning my content for the next 6 months and this is defo a subject I want to talk more about. Especially getting my fiance (that felt weird to write…) to share his opinions about all things beards!

If you are someone who chooses to shave, then you know all about the fuss of deciding which razor to buy. You stand in the shop for ages looking at all the different types with no clue what the difference is, apart from the fact that some have fancy patterns on them. So how should you decide what razor to use? I’ve been doing some research and found out about Double Edge Safety Razors, a more long-lasting solution to your shaving needs. I decided it would be worth looking at the benefits of switching shaving styles and put them in a post for anyone else who is having the same issue as me. So here it is, a simple guide to double edge razors, what they are and the benefits of switching.

What is a Double-Edge Safety Razor?

Double edge safety razors are a classic alternative to modern plastic disposable, a traditional style of razor that has been used for a long time. The razor works by holding a single blade at a specific angle to give you a luxurious, smooth shave, which must be replaced when the blade begins to become dull. The razor features a barrier to minimise shaving cuts from the blade, and is made from lasting materials, such as stainless steel, to provide a deluxe shaving experience and a long-lasting product. You can find a variety of double-edge razors from The English Shaving Company, carrying a wide range of products and price points to suit you.

Benefits of switching:

  • Price:

Although the initial price of a double-edge razor is more expensive, the cheapest averaging at around £20, they last you long enough that the price works out cheaper than your average disposable razor. For a general disposable razor, you will pay around £6 for the razor and £15-20 for eight blades. In general people purchase around two razors per year, costing around £24 over two years for just the razor. With a doubled-edged razor lasting you if you look after it, and the blades costing less than a pound for each, it is clear that this is very cost efficient in the long run.

  • Clean Shave:

Through my research of switching to a double-edge safety razor, I have found that they give you a cleaner shave. The blade is able to get closer to your skin and base of your hair to give you a smoother result, which makes the time between shaves longer! Something I’m definitely excited for. No matter what area you’re shaving, the results will be noticeably better.

  • Environmental Impact:

One thing many people might not consider when shaving is the plastic pollution your razor is causing, with two billion razors thrown away every year in the US, and the number in the UK following closely behind in the millions. On average, plastic takes around 1000 years to degrade, and with the number of razors and other plastic items we are using there just is not enough space in the world for it all. We’ve all seen what an unmanageable amount of plastic does, killing at least 100 million marine mammals each year. If everybody made this simple switch we could reduce the amount of plastic thrown away on this planet.

After researching the benefits, switching to a double-edge safety razor really seems like the best option. From the price, shaving benefits, and of course the fact that you’re helping improve the planet, what reason could there be to stick with a disposable? Let me know what you think, is this a change you’d consider making?

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