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If you caught up with my last post or follow me over on Instagram, you’ll have seen that Darren and I have moved house. Into our first very own owned home. Leaving renting behind is a fantastic feeling but now comes the task of decorating an entire house!

Whilst we’re lucky that we already have all of our furniture, decorating each room and maximising our newly found space is the next job on the list! We’ve utilised the different rooms, meaning Darren has a man cave and I get a dressing room, winner. Today I thought I would begin by sharing little snapshots of my dressing room / spare room as it comes together and my plans for the room.

Dressing Table

I’ve wanted a dressing table for so long – my own space to house my skincare, makeup and perfumes, without Darren leaving his stuff lying around. Over the coming weeks, I plan to add prints to the walls, a full-length mirror and a comfy chair to this room so I can use it to get ready in the morning and write my blog if I want to escape out of the lounge!

Side Table

I have had this little side table for years. Since I lived in my Mums.  And I can’t bear to get rid of it, even though Darren hates it. It’s the perfect size for this little corner and it’s a great little spot for taking blog photos. Always thinking about cute photo opps.

Speaking of which, prior to the move I have kindly gifted this HAX lip kit. They’re a new brand that are now stocked on ASOS. I have been gifted the rose gold kit and I’m legit obsessed. The lipstick and liner alone are a lovely rosey pink shade – perfect for summer. Add the lip shimmer over the top and it creates such a beautiful effect. I’m into it.


Little Touches

I went a little crazy at Aldi recently on their dupe candles and diffusers. I think we have them in every room…. I have the peony and pear diffuser in the spare room and my lovely pink orchid which brightens up the white walls.

I have lots of ideas for this space and need to get new bedding and cushions for this room and get prints up on the wall to add personality. I’m sure I will update you again as we move through the house and really begin to make it ours!

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  1. Wow, thank you for this post because I just moved into my first apartment and am still trying to figure out how to decorate! Love this post & your blog 🙂

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      Aww thank you, glad it helps!

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