Blogging // The Importance of Separating Instagram From Reality

I’ll hold my hands up; I’m as guilty as being influenced by social media and what I see online as the next. Working in PR & Outreach and having a blog, which I post on fairly frequently as a little side-hustle, if you will, I can easily see both sides of the coin whilst seeing how easy it is to believe everything you see on the internet.

This post isn’t designed to be super-negative. I love the blogging industry and adore that I’ve managed to carve a full-time career out of it, whilst writing on this here website weekly. I’m inspired by the amazing brands that are pushing the boundaries with huge campaigns, the blogger trips we see on Insta and even spotting some of my fave bloggers on telly in ads. It’s crazy.

But, whilst it’s real in the sense that these guys and girls are earning a serious wage from their content and endorsements; the way we romanticise events and places spotted in vlogs, can be damaging. Press trips for example, aren’t as glamorous as they’re made out to be, thanks to a busy schedule to be kept to and that bath shot on Instagram, with wine and surrounded by flowers? Probably took 100 shots and a cold bath by the end of the shoot to get right.

My concern is how we’re getting swept up into thinking it’s real life. Whilst I do believe it’s achievable and there’s certainly life still in blogging, thanks to brand and SEO agencies wanting to grow backlinks and work with bloggers to align with their growth strategy, Instagram should be taken with a pinch of salt.

’ll admit; I spend time taking my blog pictures and trying to get it just right. One, because I think it’s an attractive KPI to showcase to brands, proving why you should want to work with me and two, because it’s one part of blogging I actually love.

But, it’s got to be fun. When striving for the perfect grid on a social media platform that could we pulled at any given second, becomes anything more, step away. Understanding the passion that’s gone into creating content and craving the lifestyle that goes alongside it; can be damaging. Whatever your standpoint is, blogging is work. Writing blog posts, photography, negotiating fees – if I can have a full time job on the flipside of the coin, working on behalf of brands, blogging is definitely a viable career.

It’s so easy to see a 10 minute vlog of an amazing trip, handbag unboxing and feel a touch of the green-eyed monster. So, let’s not lose perspective and strive to work hard to achieve more in this industry, with muddled goals. Career progression, building brand relationships and earning wage from creating content are strong KPI , wants to buy the latest Gucci Disco Bag or a trip to the Maldives are not.

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