Beauty // Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Concealer

I got a Boots voucher for Christmas and where I’d normally skip down to my nearest Boots faster than you can stay ‘new make up’ this year I’m trying to be sensible so I decided to save it and only use it when I really needed to.

Fast forward to the start of March and I’d run out of foundation and concealer. My everyday go-to’s has come to an end and even the old tubes of miss-match foundation knocking around in the bottom of my make up bag have been used.

So, off to Boots I went and after spending a while looking at the different brands, shades and coverage options, I went with the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and concealer.

I’ll be honest I haven’t seen much hype around this foundation or even recall reading any reviews, but I liked the blurb on how it’s designed for normal to oily skin and it’s a matte foundation.

As I’m naturally pale, I wanted something super light and a true match to my skin tone. I’m over wearing darker foundations and looking tango-ed. No thank you.

So I picked up the second to lightest shade in natural beige and the concealer to match. And I’m impressed.

It’s easy to apply, blends really well and provides full coverage, without having to use too much. I apply my make up before work at around 6.45pm and honest to god, it looks the same when I’m taking it off at half 5. I love it.

It’s not too heavy and really buildable so you can choose how much coverage you need without looking too done up. The foundation was around £7 and the concealer I think the same, so super great value.

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