Men’s Lifestyle // Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Ok, so the 14th February is fast approaching and I’ll admit, I’ve always been one of those girls who think it’s a date designed for gals. Flowers, chocolates and a cheesy AF card as easy to buy for a girl, but shopping for a guy? Whole. New. Ball Game.

I’m lucky enough to have a bf who’s all about equality…which means he’s expecting a new XBox game on V Day and a variety of other gifts, like it’s Christmas Day. Which, I’m kind of not about.

Enter, Gifts Online 4 U. A website, designed to make shopping your Valentine (or Galentine) that much easier. All without having to brave The Shops. Perf. So what should you buy your guy for V Day, that says ‘I love you bae’ without being too cringe and resulting in #boydonegood on Insta come February 14th…

Gift Ideas

Aftershave. Easy, necessary and with loads to choose from, it’s not something you can go too wrong with. Over the years I’ve splashed out on super expensive bottles of the smelly stuff that have been left on the shelf unworn and slightly purse-friendly options that he douses himself in like it’s Lynx Africa and we’re experiencing a real-life noughties throwback RN.

GOLD is an old-school aftershave splash that has recently had an upgrade and one that we are both here for.

Magazines. Yeah, he’s not 50. And if he is, that’s cool too. But a hobby magazine, like Golf, Fishing, Cars, will keep him quiet and it’s a winner for you too cos you won’t be mithered with Xbox party requests popping up from his single lad mates during your romantic takeaway for 2.

Watches. Or to win you some additional brownie points, a personalised watch from Gifts Online 4 U is a great go-to if you’re in the mood to treat him to engraved gifts for him.

Adding a personalised message onto the inner watch face is a sweet touch and enjoying finding the perfect message that summed up our relationship, without being too cringe. Especially as I’m sharing it on the internet….

A watch is a nice gift as it’s simple accessory he can either wear everyday or save for date nights and knowing it’s from bae, is a nice touch. Without adding #ladsbantz as no-one will be able to spot the lovey dovey message you’ve added on the inner. I’m excited to give him this on V-Day and subtly hint (not my strong point) to him to check the message!

Band tees. Whatever his musical taste, no lad can turn down a band tee. Foo Fighters are one of the bands we both had on our bucket list and going to watch them a couple of years ago, was a highlight for us as a couple, so this t-shirt was a no brainer.

Meals Out.  Like most men, according to a recent survey from HelloFresh a number of cities across the UK where surveyed and in Liverpool 87.5% of people believe food is the way to a man’s stomach. I completely believe that to be true as I’m planning to take my love for a curry on V Day. Who said romance was dead?

Smellies. Ok, so I have a fresh take on smellies. Whilst they can be a cop-out present, deoderant and shower gel are two necessities that we all buy and if someone can cut that small expensive out the weekly shop, I’m all for it. Also, we only use Aldi’s own (cough *cheapskates) so buying Nivea sets is actually a nice luxury and makes for a nicer bath time experience.

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