Life // Forget Instagram, Don’t Neglect Your Blog

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of conversations focusing on the blogging industry and how it will continue to grow and expand in the coming month and looking at the long game; the coming years. For me, I’m very much immersed into this world; through my day job as a PR & Outreach Executive and as a blogger who’s been typing out words onto the internet for eight years now.

So, what’s the future of blogging?

Well, 10 years ago this wasn’t a career. Now, it is. Not only is it a full-time job for the creators and influencers who share engaging, funny, relevant content across a variety of platforms, but those of us on the other side. The in-house and agency-led outreach teams, who work with brands to pitch, create, navigate campaigns.

Sourcing bloggers, negotiating gifting and payment and meeting deadlines are hard work.

I, in particular, work within an SEO-led agency. So my outreach campaigns rely on backlinks, supporting the SEO value of any one of clients across our portfolio. So sadly, Instagram followers and no of Insta Stories produced daily don’t come into play.

But, what will happen next? As the title of this post suggests, please don’t neglect your blog in favour of Instagram & Twitter. I’m waiting for the next social media channel to launch. The new curve to come and showcase exactly why blogging can be the long game. Creating relevant, exciting content is good and it’s what brands look for. Passion, grit, an excitement for hitting publish on your posts.

Moral of the story; I have no idea what the future of this industry holds and what my job will entail in 10 years’ time. But I’m excited to find out. And, please don’t neglect your blog. Keep creating, posting, sharing. Whilst there’s a need for influencer marketing and bloggers to provide worth to brands, let’s keep the momentum rolling!

3 thoughts on “Life // Forget Instagram, Don’t Neglect Your Blog

  1. I completely agree, so many ‘bloggers’ are neglecting their blog in favour of Instagram. I’m trying to keep the balance as Instagram just isn’t growing for me right now!

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

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