Beauty // New Products & My Take on Bloggers Working with Brands

Beauty // New Products & My Take on Bloggers Working with Brands

One of the ‘perks’ if you will of being a blogger is you have a valid reason to try new beauty brands and products regularly. On my Christmas list this year you could have put money on finding my favourite perfume brand, YSL Black Opium and ‘new make up’ as a standard request.

I love sharing new products on my blog and searching on Pinterest for photo and flat lay inspo as I genuinely love this hobby of mine and sharing my thoughts with you all. There’s so much talk at the moment surrounding bloggers working with brands and how these relationships/collaborations should work and my humble opinion is bloggers and influencers should of course, be pitching to brands.

I work as an outreach & PR executive within a digital marketing agency, which means I have a variety of brands on my client portfolio and run blogger outreach campaigns for the majority.

As a third-party to brands, it’s our job to educate our clients on how partnerships with bloggers actually work. Payment is still seen as a dirty word and whilst the majority of my campaigns work on a gifting basis; it remains the elephant in the room.

Educating brands on what bloggers can bring to the table in regards to ROI, brand awareness and from an SEO perspective is in my arsenal, and I’m thankful for bloggers who reach out, complete with a media kit and are happy to have a conversation about how we can work together.

But on the flip side, from an ‘industry’ perspective and the one of an avid blog reader, I do like to see bloggers who still create organic posts. Strip away the hashtag #spon, hashtag #ad, I don’t think every post should be associated with a collab. All bloggers started their ‘corner of the internet’ with the premise of sharing ideas, products they love and talking about the stuff we bore parents/friends/partners with.

As a reader, I love to see personal posts; sharing your favourite products, old school OOTD posts, Get Ready With Me’s, interspersed with branded posts which showcases brands and agencies alike value your content and like what you do.

So, when brands don’t get the value or equally bloggers take brand rejection personally, I think we should all be valuing blog content the same – as a business. Bloggers pitch away. Digital agencies pitch, The Apprentice is built around it so bloggers continue and understand so many of us appreciate the value in what you do.

But it’s a business and all parties have an ROI on a campaign – brand growth, blogger awareness, an equal rise in traffic and interest in your content.

  • YSL Black Opium Floral Shock
  • Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo
  • Sleek Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

4 responses to “Beauty // New Products & My Take on Bloggers Working with Brands”

  1. Hey Ruth! I used to work in a similar job as a senior campaigns exec so I know all too well the blogger/brand relationships highs and woes! I think you’ve got a good perspective on it, and I strive with my blog to write as much organic content as possible, with the odd collab here and there x

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