Blogmas // Bedside Table Essentials

Blogmas // Bedside Table Essentials

I’ll admit, I can be quite a nosey person. I love watching programmes like Cribs and Through the Keyhole (lolz) cos I like to see what’s inside a person’s house. The segment on Come Dine With Me when they go and nosey around to find incriminating stuff is my fave. So, I thought why not let you all have a peek at my bedside table during Blogmas!

I love reading this posts so I find it really interesting and wonder how much of the stuff is actually used or merely placed for show…I’m think the latter. So, without further ado, here is mine! First up, you’ll notice I don’t have any books or anything to read cos who are we kidding, I’m watching Insta Stories before it’s lights out or a quick YouTube video on my phone. Whilst I lay next my boyfriend who’s doing the exact same..but watching X Box reviews or Marvel/Star Wars trailers.

You’ll see that my half of the dresser/bedside table is skincare. I picked up this copper basket in Primark a couple of weeks ago, I think it was about £8 and it’s perfect for trying to look like I’m a tidy person and keep everything in one place. I’ve filled it with my lotions and potions, Sensse Facial Cleansing Brush, bobbles and jewellery.

My stand-out bedside products are –

  • What Skin Needs Facial Hydrating Serum. I’ve blogged about this product before here, but I love this product. I apply to clean skin before bed and I really can feel it working. I can tell a difference in my skin since I began a skincare routine back in the summer and I feel my makeup sits on my skin a lot better.
  • Good Skin Pore Minimizing Toner. This is a new addition and I’ve been using it for the last two weeks once I removed my make up and washed my face. It’s very gentle on my skin and doesn’t feel as harsh as some toners can be.
  • Gedarel Contraceptive Pill. I ummed and ahh’d about including this as it’s clearly in shot, but I feel it’s quite a personal thing to talk about. However, I enjoy reading posts from lifestyle bloggers who discuss being on the pill and their opinions so I thought I’d share mine. I switched to Gedarel in summer 2016 as I wanted a less-hormone heavy pill. I had been on Mycrogynon for over 10 years and felt I was developing a lot of the symptoms – mood swings, getting emotional, snapping at my partner, so decided to lower the hormone dosage. I’m finding this one ok and I felt a change in my mood, however as a result period pain kicked back in after 10 years of minimal periods so that was a change. Sorry for TMI but its real life and at 29 I’ve been having periods for 18 years since I was 11, so I think it’s ok for women to openly chat about and share their experiences.

One response to “Blogmas // Bedside Table Essentials”

  1. Good on you for being honest and sharing what’s REALLY there! I’ll have to check out that hydrating serum, because my skin certainly needs it x

    WhatLydDid com

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