Blogmas // Real Techniques Brushes

About a month ago I signed up to Influenster, a new app to the UK that selects users to review a variety of amazing brands each month. And when I received an email telling me I’d be selected to review the November Influenster box in collaboration with Real Techniques I was absolutely made up!

Whilst I love make up and often favour high street brands mixed in with premium, designer brands little and often, I’ve never tried quality brushes, always using Superdrug or Boots own brand. So I was excited to try Real Techniques and get to grips with the PowderBleu Collection!

Firstly I must say they were beautifully packaged in a huge box and definitely had a premium feel. The PowderBleu collection consists of a variety of specialist make up brushes, each designed with its own specific job when applying your make up.

I was selected to try four of the brushes, compliments of Influenster. The brushes are in a deep blue colour and have an angled design making them really easy to grip and use when applying eye make up, concealer or foundation.

Each of the brushes are made with FauxBleu Technology, designed to evenly layer powder onto the skin to create a soft, flawless finish.

I was kindly gifted four of the brushes from the collection –

B01 – Soft powder brush

The largest of the four, this brush is designed for blending and buffing powder foundation or applying highlight. Each of the brushes are so soft and feel amazing quality. I’ve used this brush when applying powder to set my foundation and it sweeps across the skin so easily, doing the job.

B02 – Soft finishing brush

This brush is slightly smaller and great for using to apply blusher. My go-to blush is Nars Orgasm and the size and angle of this brush makes it really easy to apply to the apple of the cheeks. A new fave.

B03 – Soft complexion brush

I don’t usually use setting powder, but that’s the purpose of this brush so I need to take a trip to Make Up Revolution to invest in some to really put this brush to work! The angle of the brush is designed to lock your make up in place, without disturbing your foundation or highlight underneath.

B04 – Soft shadow brush

Last but by no means least, this is the brush I was most excited to try! Designed to be used to blend and apply eye make up, I couldn’t wait to give it a go! I wear eyeshadow pretty much daily and love building up my eye make up with different palettes and this brush blends really nicely, without creasing your make up. I’m a fan and it’s my new fave!

* I received these brushes as a complimentary gift from Influenster to review on my blog

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