Review // Have You Experienced VR-Here?

When it comes to activity days out in Liverpool, the options are endless. Food, drinks, cinema dates, indoor trampolining and now VR-Here. If you’re an old-school gamer, someone who enjoys playing on the Xbox, The Simms or even Typhoon Rollercoaster or you’re after a day out with your mates or your other half with a difference, the latest virtual reality experience is perfect for all.

Tucked away just outside the city centre, VR- Here  is just a 10-minute walk from Moorfields train station and it’s SO worth the visit! I’ll admit, I don’t play games at all, I leave that to my boyfriend, so I thought it would be something different for us to go along to visit together…and I was right. Leave your expectations at the door and get ready to immerse yourself in another world, complete with zombies, robots and out of this world characters.

VR-Here specialise in virtual reality experiences and games. During our time in the green booth, we fought zombies, got very scared indeed walking the plank at the top of a skyscraper and said hello to Spiderman – all without our feet actually leaving the ground!

The graphics were fantastic and the experiences definitely simulated real life. Once you have your headset on and armed with controllers in each hand, you’re ready to begin. It was super easy to get to grips with and whilst one of the heights games freaked me out a little (so much so I had to step out of the game!) it was so much fun!

VR- Here compromises of four green screen booths, complete with space to walk and move around so you can really enjoy each of the games. Each player is located in their own booth and you join each other in the game. The experience is great for two players but I can also see it working for a group of mates – around four or six people getting involved. Ideal for birthday parties or Stag do’s, I’d really recommend checking it out and getting involved!

*Thanks so much to the VR-Here team for inviting us along. We had a fantastic time.

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