Food // Liverpool City Guide

I think you could ask any Liverpool blogger to write a post about the many different things they love about the city and you’re sure to end up with an essay. Cos, sometimes, there’s just so much to be said and not enough words to express how you truly feel.

When the lovely team at Northern trains got in touch, setting me the challenge of doing just that, I had to really think about where to start. I’ve already talked about my favourite brunch spots in Liverpool and how I would spend 24 hours discovering Liverpool ONE, but talking up the city as a whole and what you absolutely can’t miss/gotta see is hard!

So, let’s get into a whistle-stop run down of my absolute fave things to do at the weekend in Liverpool – if money was no object!

  • I’ve always wanted to stay over at the Titanic hotel but my boyfriend won’t let us, cos we live too close. I was lucky enough to attend their Christmas event last month in their large open plan event space and it was fab. But, I’ve heard so many amazing things about the rooms, the spa and the restaurant. It’s absolutely going on the to-do list.
  • Before hitting the shops, I’m always first in line to refuel and head somewhere for breakfast. Let’s face it, it’s more likely to be brunch after a Saturday morning lie in. And, there’s no better place than a Moose Coffee brunch. That place is #goals. Stacked pancakes, grits, eggs and more bacon that you can physically eat. Throw in a milkshake for good measure and you’ll remain full for a good few hours.
  • SHOP! Ok, so I’m in full agreement with Elle Woods that shopping is cardio so working my way round L1, up and back down Market Street plus the escalators in Primark is exercise. And buying new stuff just happens to be a hobby too. Funny that…
  • As we all know, shopping is hard work, so let’s have a little sit-down and get a drink. Personally, I love heading up to Seel Street. It is the weekend after all so a glass of processco or a cocktail wouldn’t go amiss right about now. Heading to Revs can be dangerous if there’s lots of stags/hens in town, but the drinks are dreamy so I’m happy. Failing that, Alma de Cuba is one my personal highlights.

Whether you’re from the North West already or you fancy a trip to Liverpool, I would urge you to go ahead and book those train tickets! It’s super easy to access and great to visit all year round!

So…what you waiting for?!

*This post contains sponsored content in collaboration with Northern.

2 thoughts on “Food // Liverpool City Guide

  1. oh, Ruth, I’m missing Liverpool SO much right now. I’m trying to make it so that I can be back once a month, so that I can do all of these things! Particularly head back to Moose because literally nowhere does pancakes as good as those guys do!

    Soph x |

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