Foodie // 4 Best Brunch Spots in Liverpool

As soon as anyone mentions brunch, I’m there. The idea behind brunch is just genius when you think about it. You can enjoy stuffing your face with breakfast foods until lunchtime plus a glass of processo or a mimosa to accompany – the dream, right? And, if you’re lucky you may happen across bottomless brunch which is just an ideal situation for everyone involved!

So, I thought why not begin to wind down to the weekend by sharing my top 5 hotspots for brunch in the city –

  1. Brasco Lounge

Hidden away on Mann Island, just a stone’s throw away from the Albert Dock, you’ll find Brasco Lounge. It’s friendly, homely and dog-friendly too – bonus! Make the trip to Brasco Lounge over the weekend as their food is delicious and they don’t scrimp on portions. Perfect if you’re nursing a bit of a sore head from the night before. My top tip? Go for the All Day Brunch Burger or the Triple-Stacked Pancakes. Neither will disappoint.

2. Castle Street Townhouse
You may have heard a thing or two about one of 2017’s latest Castle Street additions, Castle Street Townhouse. Spoiler alert; it’s all good & so is the food. During a rare night out on the gin, my boyfriend and I spotted the poster advertising brunch and we were hooked, hastily making plans for an epic return. Namely, to try the Bottomless brunch….think smoked salmon, poached eggs and unlimited prosecco!

3. Neighbourhood
Another Castle Street fave, Neighbourhood is the perfect place to visit if you want to brunch in style! Inside the old bank, you’ll find the large open place restaurant, equipped with a perfectly pink decor. It’s the perfect location for drinks with the girls or if you fancy treating your Mum. With both separate brunch menu or bottomless brunch on offer, it’s not one to be missed!

4. Moose Coffee
And let’s end on a fave. Moose Coffee is an all-American eatery, located on Dale Street. If breakfast is your thang, you’re in luck! I’ve gotta say, the entire menu has me drooling and it’s often hard to choose just one dish…plus a sharing dish for the table, obvs. Waffles, french toast, grits. You name it, Moose has got it!

If you don’t live in the Liverpool area, I’d really recommend an overnight stay. With so many cheap hotels in the city and so many different things to see and do, it’s a no-brainer tbh!

*This post is in collaboration with Travelodge.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Hill says: feature – I love a bit of brunch inspiration. I’ve tried (& enjoyed) all of your top picks, but may use this as an excuse to start revisiting them all. 🙂

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      Definitely, any excuse for brunch works for me!

  2. petiteelliee says:

    These spots all look so lovely! Might just have to take a trip there myself

    Ellie xx

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      Thanks Ellie. They’re fab, I’d reccomend it!

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