Food // Let’s Talk Slimming World

Food // Let’s Talk Slimming World

Meal plans, diets, healthy eating schemes; they all, at some point or another, get a bad rep. Whether it’s following a widely scrutinised diet such as the Atkins or a low GI diet or something mocked in the media like Weight Watchers or Slimming World, at some point the path you’re on with come until criticism.

I’ve been an official ‘Slimming World’ follower, for the second time I might add, for 10 weeks now. In that time I’ve lost just over one stone and I’m well underway to smash my second. But, when you tell someone you’re on #SW, it does get greeted with a manner of opinions.

Just in the last week, I read a thread on Twitter mocking Slimming World and seemingly its followers and a staff member in Tesco tried to tell me I shouldn’t buy a certain brand of yoghurt as they’re full of sugar on SW. I wasn’t aware that she was on commission in the aisles. I’ve found it really works for me and it’s something you’ve got to take with a pinch of salt and apply a lot of common sense; but what can I say, I like it.

So, I thought why not discuss it openly and try and dispel some of the questions it entices?

1. There’s too many carbs. How will you ever lose weight eating unlimited pasta, rice and spuds?

Well, I agree with you. Yes, it’s major hyped up on the plan that elusive carbs are unlimited but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that eating pasta all the time isn’t exactly healthy. This is where having common sense and knowing what works for you comes in handy.

2. It’s stupid you can’t eat avocado, unless you syn it?

Again, yep right there with you. Avocado, nuts and seeds are healthy fats which are bodies need, so why would you syn these? Unfortunately the plan disagrees, but I think it moderation, avo on toast is perfectly acceptable!

3. They sell HEX bars which are essentially full of sugar – how’s that healthy?

Surprise, surprise…I agree. They’re not healthy. SW is all about following a low fat diet. Sugar is allowed, in moderation, as long as it fits within your 15 syn allowance. But yeah, why replace a KitKat with one of these, when you could syn your fave chocolate bar and then compensate with a shed load of fruit!

4. It’s a weird cult that you pay a fiver to attend each week….

I mean, yeah on the face of it, it is an odd thing to do. Pay someone to weigh you each week and then sit around and chat about it! I personally don’t stay for group as I nip in every Tuesday on my lunch hour. But I find the weekly weigh helps me keep on track and I actually look forward to it – whether it’s good or bad.

Yeah it does get some stick and it may not work for everyone but I’m enjoying it and it’s fitted into my lifestyle perfectly. And for me, that’s what it’s all about.

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