Life // The Meaning of Marriage

Marriage. It’s one little word that holds a whole load of meaning. It means something different to everyone. Traditionalists, those who swear they’ll never marry and the optimistic types who are happy to wait and see.

My view? I don’t think it’s integral, but it would be quite nice to make everything ‘official’. Both Darren and I come from divorced families so we have mixed views and sadly, have experienced first hand that it doesn’t always work out. Which, is also, sometimes for the best, as Slater Gordon know too well when it comes to separation.

But when it comes to what we want, that’s when the opinion differs. I have a boyfriend who is not sold into it at all. He likes the idea of marriage but for other people. He’s not sold on it for himself, which I believe stems from family experiences. It can taint your view, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t committed to our relationship and our future. We absolutely can see our lives together, long-term.

Whilst I’d like us to marry. Without all the hassle. As we approach the big 3 0 next year, a lot of our friends are tying the knot and we’ve attended a lot of weddings. Some huge, some rather small and family only. I like the sound of the latter or to marry on a small Greek island and celebrate with a gyros and Mythos afterwards. Will it happen? We’ll see.

We’re so lucky in this day and age to have the option of marriage. Gay or straight; it doesn’t matter. We all have the option and the choice to marry and commit to building and maintaining a marriage. I’ve always thought, that as much as a ‘big day’ would be nice. I’d rather have the marriage over the wedding. Solidifying what we already have and building on it over time as a team.

The word marriage has such an emphasis on it and we forget that not so long ago, same-sex couples didn’t have the option when many longed to do a Beyonce and ‘put a ring on it’. I’m a big lover of love and such an advocate of weddings, vows and legal commitment, if that’s your choosing. But also, if it’s not for you. That’s cool too. No-one knows your relationship, which is sometimes the beauty of it. Do it your way – with or without a ring…

*This post is in collaboration with Slater Gordon

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