Life // Do You Need a Blogging ‘Niche’?

Sit down and blog posts are sometimes few and far between but they’re honestly, my fave posts to write. I love bloggers who share their lives and use their online space as a diary and forum to vent or share updates on their daily lives.

I think I struggle with my content. This blog has had so many slight changes – lifestyle blog, food blog, dedicated Liverpool food blog & now, well it’s a bit of everything. I don’t attend as many restaurant reviews as I was doing a year, two years ago and so my content has switched. But after blogging for a whopping 7 years, my domain authority has steadily grown and I get to work with amazing brands – which is truly fab, but I wonder how I got here!

My fave collaborations to take part in a recipe related. I do still love to blog about food and since I’m very much a homebird these days, I do love creating recipe content. So to be recognised by brands for this is pretty ace tbh.

So, I think this is where my blog is going to remain. I’ve dabbled with beauty and I do enjoy make up and beauty products but there are so many kick-ass beauty bloggers out there already, it feels kinda pointless to weigh in with my sub-standard opinion.

I adore cooking, trying new recipes and trying new restaurants so why not blog about something I enjoy? The point of this hobby is because I like to spend my spare time on it so that’s my focus from here in on!

Expect more recipes – savoury and sweet and the odd review, here and there. I’m no longer pushing myself to post every week but a couple a month is fine by me!

I feel like we should also talk about these photos…I adore Peggy Porschen! My Mum and I headed down to London a couple of weeks ago and we made a beeline for Sloane Square to visit the elusive cake shop. Adorned with beautiful pink flowers, a retro bike for decoration and the prettiest, delicious cakes to choose from, we were in Instagram heaven! Taking a seat outside, we ordered a slice of rose champagne cake for Mum and I opted for the forest fruit cupcake. Fruity, decedent and just a bit naughty – it was amazing!

I love trips down to London and can’t wait to plan the next one…

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Your photos are stunning! I always ask myself if I should stick to one particular niche but there are so many things I want to blog about! 🙂

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      Thanks so much! Same, I try and cover everything but enjoy food and cooking the most so that’s where I’ll stay! Ruth x

  2. Rhyme & Ribbons says: think I tend to enjoy blogs that have more breadth than one specific niche, personally! xx

  3. OMG I really love this photos and this location!! 😍😍

  4. I’m the same… My blog started off as beauty but now its also fashion and all sorts of blogging and lifestyle topics – the feedback I get is that people like the variety, so keep doing what you love! x

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      Thanks so much for commenting Leah! Yep totally agree. As we like the content we’re putting out that’s what matters! xx

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