Hair // Maintaining Silver/Grey Hair

So, here’s the thing. I’ve wanted to go grey/silver for quite some time after going super platinum blonde last summer, trying various different toners and then returning to the hairdressers to get my colour done after 18 months of box days. But I decided to bite the bullet and go white blonde to start the grey/silver process!

Like I mentioned, I first gave this a go last summer at home but decided to pay this time at my new hairdressers so I don’t end up damaging my hair…too much anyway! I love my new hairdressers as they’re not scared to use colour and bleach, which is great and I felt in safe hands. After a touch up of my roots and the ends of my hair to lighten it up and remove the golden toned highlights, I had put in back in April, they added a toner and I left with a platinum blonde/silver tinted bob!

but, as any white-blonde gal knows, achieving the colour you want in the hairdressers is amazing, but the real fun begins at home when you’ve got to try and maintain it! So this is my plan of attack to keep it silver!


Once I’d finished in the hairdressers I hot footed it over to Bodycare to stock up on silver shampoo! There were quite a few silver/purple shampoos and conditioners to choose from, but I decided to go for this one from KHC. It’s a big bottle and was £1.50 so great value for money!

I was worried it would feel quite drying but I had nothing to worry about! It’s the purpley colour I expecting and it smells lovely too. It was really easy to rather up and felt like it was cleansing my hair too, which I often worry about with toning shampoos.

Since I’ve used it, my hair has definitely lightened after just a couple of washes and the condition feels great too.

Next up, was a new bottle of conditioner. I only tend to apply conditioner through the ends of my hair as they need the most protection, as I’m often curling and straightening my hair.

This Keratin Pro conditioner was really cheap at less than a quid and similarly to the shampoo, my hair feels really soft and it smells nice too, which is always a bonus.

Finally, I like to add a bit of oil through the ends before and after blow drying, to try and repair it from years of colouring and using heated appliances! This rejuvenating vitamin oil from Superdrug does just the trick and it doesn’t feel too oily either, so my hair still feels fresh and clean after I’ve used it.

I am considering maybe using a purple/lilac toner this weekend to add a bit of colour whilst I’m so blonde, so keep an eye out for that…….

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