Life // First-Time Renting With Your Partner 

Ahh renting. It’s a funny thing renting a home. Whether it’s a room in a shared house or flat, or an entire house, like me and my boyfriend do, the ability to have your own space, without actually owning the property is weird. We’re currently in our second rented house and whilst I’ve loved both houses for completely different reasons, there’s always the reminder that it’s not yours.

Whether you’re a long-time renter or considering it, there are a few things to consider when you’re thinking of moving into your first rented home with your partner.

  • Magnolia, everywhere.

First up, you need to try and see past the magnolia walls. I know, it’s hard cos they’re everywhere and after a while, when you’ve had one too many glasses of wine, it can look a bit yellow. If you’re lucky to have a super-relaxed landlord who lets you paint and decorate, amazing, otherwise you’re stuck with the magnolia. We have very different tastes when it comes to home decor, so whilst we argue it out now before we eventually buy our own home, the magnolia isn’t going anywhere yet!

  • “Renting is dead money”

Ok, so here’s the thing. Yes, it is. But, without the option of renting Darren and I wouldn’t have been able to move in together and see if we’re actually capable of living together without killing each other. 18 months into our relationship felt far too soon to consider buying together. Plus we didn’t have the deposit. And we still don’t. Probably because we rent, but it also gives us the flexibility to choose where we want to live before we both properly settle into our careers.

It does make saving 10 times harder and because we have a dog, we can’t just move back in our parents. But I don’t think we would anyway as we like the freedom of having our own place. Even though, it’s not technically ours…

  • Set your house rules early on

Hands up, who’s the lazy one in the relationship? Whilst I love doing nothing apart from lying on the sofa when I get home from work, I also spend half an hour running around each room tidying Molly’s toys away, moving glasses and doing the washing up. Darren however, appears to have a life of Riley as he can sit down and relax when he gets in from work and his dinner is already made!

SCS Sofas are hosting an exciting competition UK’s Laziest ‘La-Z-Boy’ to find the laziest partners in the UK! Think your partner could take the prize?  It’s open to both men and women to both enter and be nominated. There’s a big prize up for grabs; a £1,500 voucher to spend on the range at SCS plus a £50 Netflix voucher and £50 takeaway voucher!

I admit I do most of the housework and it just seems easier. Darren offers to help, but his idea of getting things done tends to be a good few hours after I would like it done. Therefore, I find it easier to nip round with the hoover and to clean the lounge myself; plus I like it done to my standard! Whilst he loves the furniture we have in our living room and he does decide where things sit, I’m keener to keep things clean and tidy!

  • Make the home decor your own

Finishing touches make all the difference when you’re renting. I can safely say, we’ve finally got the living room exactly how we like it in regards to furniture. I adore our grey sofa and matching black coffee table and side tables. It’s very minimalistic yet modern; which suits us down to a T. I picked up these marble effect candles in Home Bargains, which is a godsend for cheap bits to make a room feel more like you. The reed defuser is from Next and I got the coffee table from John Lewis in the January sale for an absolute steal. I found the side tables on Asda’s website for £25 each.

Little bits make a huge difference. We started with the rug which I picked up in Aldi whilst doing the food shop and once we got a new sofa, we started to invest in new furniture around it. This means, whenever we move next we’ve already got our ready-made living room exactly as we like it!

*This post contains collaborative links from SCS. 

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