Beauty // New In Liquid Lipsticks 

There’s so many lipstick brands on the market now and celebrity collections inspired by the Kylie Jenner range. With Charlotte Crosby having released her own collection, when an email landed in my inbox about fellow Geordie Shore housemate Chloe’s collection of liquid lipsticks I thought why not give it a go!

It’s my birthday next week and I love to wear a bold lip when we go out for dinner and this felt like the perfect shade!

Entitled ‘Rouge, this lipstick is exactly that! It smells quite nice, making it easy to wear and you only need a couple of coats to achieve a bright red lip! It’s not too drying and does take a couple of go’s to remove, but I love the bright, red shade it leaves on your lips!

The Chloe Ferry Cosmetics range has lots of different shades of liquid lipstick and at just under a tenner, it’s a lot more cost-effective than a Kylie Jenner lip kit!

I’m also obsessed with this bronze eyeshadow palette from Technic. I picked it up in Bodycare for less than a fiver and I really rate it. I’ve been wearing different shades from it most days and it’s so, so pigmented!

*This post contains collaborative samples. 

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