Life // 5 Signs You’re in a Long-Term Relationship

I’m not sure whether I’ve ever really mentioned how Darren and I met, but it was on Tinder. We’ve been together for three years now and whilst it felt quite new back then, now it’s common practise to be on dating apps.

Whether it’s Tinder or Bumble that you ‘meet’ on and you go on one date, three dates or it becomes three years, one house and one French Bulldog later, the dating world has definitely seen a shift in how people meet. One day you’re dating, go on dates and always wear matching underwear, the next you’re arguing about who’s turn it is to pay for the Friday night takeaway and buy dog food….

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the 5 things that signal you’ve made the switch from being single to being in a long-term relationship…

  1. You no longer wear body con dresses on date nights, jeans are fine.

When you live together you see every aspect of each other and whilst you want to dress nice and make sure your partner still fancies you…going out means food and because you’re so used to stuffing yourselves silly together, comfort often beats style when you’re having date night at the Indian…

2. You use nicknames so often,ย that it’s weird when he calls you your actual name…

Three years in, we’ve got lots of pet names for each other and when Darren calls me ‘Ruth’ it often sounds like I’m in trouble. Now, I’ll be honest some of the nicknames are not for other people to hear and it can seem quite ‘cutesy’ and quite frankly, cringe. But when he full names you, I’m not gonna lie, it’s weird and you defo feel like you’re in the bad books!

3. You find yourself adding his favourite foods / toiletries to the weekly shop

Admittedly, we’ve lived together for nearly 18 months so I kinda so have to add men’s deodorant and his fave snacks to the food shop, but when we lived with our Mums, I did find myself buying things that I knew he liked for when he stayed over. Making the switch from having to ask and learning all about each other, to knowing what brand of shower gel is his fave, is a sign that you’ve gotten to know each other pretty well…

4. Bathroom chat is no longer off limits

Our house is a ‘doors open’ kinda household. Our dog Molly kinda just goes where she wants, meaning doors are always open. And when one of us is in the shower or the bath, generally speaking, that means we’ll all be in the bathroom together. Chatting whilst one of us is getting washed in pretty normal, in no way weird and I have no idea when we made that transition….

5. Lastly, sex happens at convenient times….

I wasn’t sure whether to include this point or not, but this one really signals the ‘long term relationship’ aspect of our life! Similarly to point one, sex is no longer romance and candles. It often takes place on a weekend, in the middle of the day when we’re both at our most wide awake and in the mood. Night time is pretty much a no-go as one of us *me has a habit of having 2 gin and tonics and being ready for bed at 10pm, so as your relationship goes on, you learn what’s best for you. And afternoon couple time is the way it goes….

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  1. This is such a good post. Iโ€™m just about to move in with my bf x

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