Haircare // 3 Shampoos for Blonde Hair  

The perfect blonde – does it exist? I feel like I’m on a constant search to find the holy grail products that will keep my blonde, blonde.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried every shampoo, especially made for blonde hair that’s available on the market, but I’ve narrowed it down and found the top 3 I keep coming back to.

  1. Schwarzkopf Argan Oil Shampoo – Let’s begin with the cheat product shall we? This sample sized shampoo was actually given to be by my hairdresser in a bid to strengthen my hair as I’m prone to breaking locks after years spent drying, straightening and curling my hair. I really rate Schwarzkopf as a brand as they’re dirt cheap if you’re on a budget but they do the job. This product leaves my hair feeling super clean, washed and most importantly, fresh, as I only wash about twice a week and wear my hair down everyday as I have a bob.
  2. Pro:Voke Touch of Silver – Any dyed blonde gal will tell you the importance of a silver shampoo to keep your hair from looking slightly yellow. I’ve used this range for years and I love how it gives you loads of lather, smells amazing but strips the yellow tones from the hair. I’m trying a new thing where I only dye my hair once every 5/6 months or so to try and strengthen it again and this does the job at keeping my colour fresh.
  3. Garnier Ultimate Blends – This Garnier shampoo seems to be a blogger cult classic at the minute but I’ve used it for quite a while and love how it lathers and leaves my hair feeling super clean. It strips the dirt and grease built up over a week of avoiding washing and it works well when I use it with a dollop of the Touch of Silver shampoo. I’ve had this bottle since the start of Jan and it seems to be lasting too, as you only need the smallest blob to get what you need from it!

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