Beauty // Kiss Pearl French Tip Nails 


For the last 4-5 years, I’ve really taken pride in my nails – whether that’s trips to the nail shop to get fresh shellac (which tbf is how it’s gone down for at least the last 3 years) or painting my own using my varied collection of Essie, Nails Inc and good old Barry M nail polishes.

I’d go as far to say, my nails are now ‘my thing’. Whereas for a long time it was my hair when I had bright red locks, which later turned to brown and now various shades of blondes depending on how white blonde I want to be that month. But since kicking the highlights habit about 18 months ago, I like to regularly treat my nails and keep them looking on point. Generally speaking, you won’t find any nude nails here. Nope suree.

Well, until these Kiss Nails in the Pearl French Tip collection entered my life approximately 5 days ago. I’m on the 4th day of wear now and I just love how they look…such a vain sentence, I know! They were super easy to apply and the glue is top strength – for the record, I got *some on my fingers in the process and it was a nightmare to remove! So, I completely have faith that it’s doing the job and keeping these bad boys in place!

I opted for the shorter length french tip Kiss False Nails to try. I was very kindly gifted these however after a quick Google, they’re available to purchase on Boots. I will 100% be buying these again and I can’t wait to see how long they last!

However, I am slightly nervous about when it comes to removing them! I struggle to remove my own shellac, never mind glued on nails but I’m hoping to get a couple weeks wear out of them first!

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