Review // Sapporo Teppanyaki, Duke Street 


Japanese style food never really made the grade when listing my favourites cuisine, but a friendly, larger than life restaurant on Duke Street, Liverpool
changed that!

Sapporo Teppanyaki specialises in Japanese food, particularly Teppanyaki which is cooked at diners tables. Upon entering the restaurant we were taken with how spacious it is and decorated in a contemporary style. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon to find just a few fellow diners, but it soon began to fill up.

Taking a seat at the bar, we had a look at the cocktails and mocktails menu. I opted for a prosecco and raspberry cocktail, whilst my partner chose a refreshing elderflower mocktail.

The menu compromises of a variety of starters, including sushi, sushi rolls, soups, salads and hot appetisers. Keen to sample a few different dishes, we opted for two starters each to sample. I opted for an avocado and salmon style sushi roll and duck pancakes, and my partner chose grilled prawns and beef sushi.

We picked at each other’s plates, sampling each dish and taking full advantage of the dipping sauces we were provided –  garlic mayo, chilli sauce and soy sauce. As we were very new to trying sushi and Japanese food, in fact, we asked the waiting staff many questions…probably too many about the menu and what’s best to try but they were so knowledgeable and helpful.

Every starter is made to order and we enjoyed sampling the different flavours, without getting too full for the main event!

Next up, we move onto the main event. Teppanyaki is served in front of you and it means your meat, veg or fish is cooked to your liking, with the added novelty of your own chef! The tables are set out in an 8, 10, 12 and 20 seats formation. We were sat at a table with a family of four, which was quite nice to interact at the chef performed his party tricks, whilst it allowed us to chat and enjoy our meal as we sat side-by-side.

I opted for the garlic sirloin steak whilst my partner chose the rib eye steak…I know, eyes bigger than his belly! Both were so succulent and delicious. I enjoy my meat medium/well whilst he likes his medium/rare, so both cooked for different lengths of time, but still utterly delicious and melt in the mouth.

Every main dish comes with sauted potatoes, veg and egg fried rice – again, all cooked by our chef at the station in front of us. Who knew potatoes could taste so good? Focusing on the sides first, before moving on to the meat, our main course was home cooked and ready to be eaten immediately.

After that much food, it felt rude not to sample the dessert menu! Once I spotted banana tempura, slices of banana lightly fried with banoffee ice cream it was a done deal! As was the portion of chocolate spring rolls; stuffed with white and milk chocolate. Light, fluffy and completely moreish!

I didn’t think we’d manage three courses but the food, drinks and service was just top notch.  Each mouthful of every course was packed with flavour, which is how I like my food so it gets a thumbs up from me!

We’re already planning to introduce family members to the joint as it’s the perfect socialable restaurant to spend an evening (or afternoon!) enjoying good cocktails and even greater food!

*We were very kindly compensatted the bill of our meal in exchange for this truly honest review. 

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