Blogging // 2016 – A Year in Posts

Blogging // 2016 – A Year in Posts

I can’t believe we’re just a day away from the end of 2016. Whilst this year has been a shitter for many, with politics being all over the news on both sides of the Atlantic and more celebrity deaths than we care to remember, there has been some good times thrown in for good measure.

Personally, the year started horrifically, lay in a hospital bed for the best part of two weeks thanks to a bad bout of tonsillitis and an ear infection. But, it did get better, I promise. A trip to Edinburgh, 10 days in Marrakech, getting a dog, changing jobs and my boyfriend passing his PGCE are all huge highlights.

But, this blog has reaped rewards this year too. My job move to Liverpool opened doors for my space on the internet and after trying to improve my photography and generally ‘up’ my content, I think it paid off. I decided I wanted to specialise in food and beauty this year and with the Liverpool restaurant scene booming into action, I got a slice of the pie in 2016 by attending lots of lovely restaurant reviews across the city.

It’s so lovely to be recognised for my content and invited along, especially when I can take along my Mum or my boyfriend to share this treat with them! From attending the La Tasca restaurant relaunch, to discovering Roja Pinchos on Berry Street and the gorgeous Italian, Il Forno hidden away within the city on Duke Street, receiving these opportunities is truly special.

I adore cooking and rustling up new recipes so getting the chance to sample delicious food is just lovely! Next year I want to continue to try and grow my blog (oh and get back to regular posting…) and expand my recipe repertoire!

In 2017 expect more reviews, more recipes and more beauty! Twitter is abuzz with photography comparisons at the minute and I think if you were to delve into the archives, back in 2010 when this blog started, my photography skills were….pretty bad.  So, I want to up my flat lay game but add a bit of me into my blog to make it truly my own, rather than following the crowd.

I think this post is getting quite rambly (is that a word?!) now, but whilst 2016 is a year to remember in more ways than one, I’m so happy with the direction that Ruth Writes has gone. I’m not sure that it’s always the kind of content that blog readers want to read and my engagement stats go up and down, but I enjoy putting time into this blog as it’s my hobby. And, if I get to reap the rewards from time to time, that’s just the cherry on top. Whether I’m writing to one reader, 10 readers or 100, I like to update this site with things I enjoy, so expect more of the same in the next 12 months as I move into my 7th year of blogging! Wow, maybe time does fly when you’re having fun!

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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