Life // Five Happy Things 

I feel like chatty posts are my jam at the minute and after a month of a lot of sponsored content, I’m happy to chat about the things I’m loving in diary stye entries.

I’m gonna put it out there that I don’t have any festive content planned yet which I really should think about…. but I have a few post ideas in the pipeline so stay tuned! 

With no posts scheduled for the rest of the month yer I thought I’d share my five happy things from recent times.  

  1. Haircare // Phillip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner 

          2. Food // The first Christmas dinner of the season on the annual Christmas meal with the girls. 

        3. Brunch // My mum and I went Christmas shopping in Liverpool this weekend, but before we braved the shops we headed to East Avenue Bakehouse on Bold Street for brunch. Delicious! 

         4. Getting my nails did // I’m one of those girls who has routine appointments every 3 weeks to get her nails done. It’s my little pamper each month and I feel like I’ve got my shit together when I’ve got my nails done…to the point where I now despise naked nails. nope, no thank you.  

        5. Red wine // Relaxing on the sofa in my pj’s, with candles lit and a large glass of shiraz is my fave. 

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