Life // Autumn Flat Lay: Life Update 

It’s been a while since I did a ‘sit down and chat’ kinda post and I just wanted to check in, without any hidden content agenda, so here I am saying hi! Autumn is one of my favourite months as I can dig out my big fluffy winter coats, wrap up in a scarf and it’s totally acceptable to change into my pj’s as soon as I get in from work….not that I needed an excuse before!

Life at the minute is same old, but that’s a good thing. I’m enjoying working in the city as an Outreach Exec and it means I can attend more Liverpool-based blog events and restaurant reviews, which is always fun and exciting.

You won’t see many fashiony style posts on here as we’re in major saving mode to *fingers crossed* by our first home next year. Anyone who’s ever saved for a mortgage, whilst paying rent and still trying to have a social life, knows just how hard it is! But, we’re getting there and I’ve started to have a sneaky look on RightMove at what we could potentially afford!

Weekends are spent catching up with friends or chilling at home with the boyf and Molly our French Bulldog! I’m obsessed with reading cook books lately to plan new meals and I’ve been pinning away interior ideas. We don’t want to have to do too much work but we desperately need new furniture as all of our was hand-me-downs so I’m trying to work out what we replace now, buy later and what will fit with our colour scheme ideas! Is this what happens when you become a full on adult?!

I have lots of exciting blog collaborations coming up so stay tuned for a couple of blog event posts, restaurant reviews and the same old recipe posts that I love to churn out. Although I never really do too much planning for them – usually I find a recipe that I know we’ll like and give it my own twist…usually when I don’t have all the ingredients required in the fridge and substitutions are necessary!

I loved taking these pictures on my floor in our dining room. I’m trying to get better at flat lays as they’re such a doddle to photograph and I’m enjoying looking on Pinterest for inspo at the minute. The only issue is when I don’t have anything new to show you guys and I’m scrounging around in my cupboards trying to find something to photograph. Do any other bloggers ever have that problem?! Or is that just the downside of the whole no spending situ and I’m trying to create beautiful imagery in like, no budget! Oh well…

So, that’s life lately in a (quite a long() nutshell. I’ll try and check in again with another chatty post before Christmas…yeah I went there…but until then normal posting shall resume!

Ruth x

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  1. Ooooo do I spy a notebook. I’m all about the stationary at the moment with it nearly being new diary time!

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