Food // Starting Afresh: Slimming World 

I’ve spoken on here before about my determination to eat healthier and lose weight. Like many of us, I go through spells  but slimming world is the “diet” I always come back to.

Many of the meals I cook during the week and breakfasts I take to work are already SW focused. 

Taken from Instagram accounts I follow and food blogs I read that following Slimming World, I find the recipes easy to make, delicious and I like that I know I’m eating ‘right’. 

But my downfall occurs at the weekend and behind closed doors. Treats are all well and good in moderation but I pig out…a lot.  Alcohol, pizza, biscuits…and when my dress ripped in work last week I knew I needed to make some small but necessary changes.  
I take my breakfast and lunch to work each day…but then nip to Greggs for a donut for a sweet treat. And demolishing two full packs of digestives a week are not good! 

So in a bid to lose a bit of weight before Christmas (when quite frankly, wine & cheeseboard are mandatory ) I’ve got my old SW planner out, invested in a shiny new notebook to act as my food diary and a restocked fridge with lots of veg! 

So expect my recipes from here on in to be SW friendly as I try and shift the half stone that’s made an unwelcome visit around my waist! 

Any hints, tips, snack or recipe ideas are more than welcome! 

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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