Recipe // Dippy Eggs and Feta

Brunch is one of my favourite meals yet I very rarely take the time to prepare it. But as we enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend I decided to take full advantage and make an old fave – dippy eggs.

Dippy eggs is the ultimate sharing dish – throw in a handful of ingredients, expertly poach your eggs in the tomato sauce and get dipping!

So what do you need?ย 

  • Eggs – one of two per person should suffice
  • Chorizo
  • Feta cheese
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Basil, salt & pepper to season
  • Paprika / chilli flakes to add a kick!

It’s a super simple recipe that requires zero prep –

Add your tomatoes to a pan along with the chorizo. Once the tomatoes begin to bubble, create two ‘holes’ and this is where you will crack your eggs!

Throw in the feta cheese and season.

Serve straight from the pan once your eggs are cooked and enjoy with a few slices of your favourite bread or better still, a tear and share ciabatta to really mop up the flavours!

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