Food // Do you enjoy home cooking?

Following a catch-up with the girls earlier this week over a delicious Italian takeaway, (no that doesn’t mean just pizza, we had pasta too!) and a discussion around home cooking and preparing meals, it occurred to me that everyone had a different take on this.

For me, it’s how I relax. During the week I love to rustle up a healthy-ish yet scrummy tea that stays within Slimming World guidelines. And at the weekend, I love to prepare a feast, set the table like I did last weekend in these pictures and enjoy chopping and stirring in the kitchen whilst Spotify plays and I enjoy a glass of merlot. Happiness personified!

But some prefer the convenience side of cooking. Throwing together the ingredients to prepare a family meal yet without the prolonged time spent standing too close to the hob. To me, this is madness but I can appreciate it for sure. A lot goes into planning a meal – choosing what to cook, ensuring the ingredients are in the fridge, cooking, eating and then the worst part – washing up!

For me, this is a 6 nights a week, with the odd weekend takeaway thrown in for good measure. But I choose to do it. I spend my spare time reading food blogs and the SW magazine to find new recipes to try. Inputting the handful of contents in my fridge to Google to find a resourceful meal when I’m days away from the weekly food shop and my fridge is looking pretty poor.

I completely get that it takes time but it’s what I was brought up around – home cooked meals on the table each evening and my boyfriend was the same. So, for us, this is the norm. Hence the reason why I lay the table each Sunday – despite us sitting there is our pjs. It’s the familiarity and I hope to one day, to instil this into my children.

Home life means so many different things to all of us – but to me, you can’t beat a home cooked meal!

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