How-To // Dress Your Table for a BBQ

How-To // Dress Your Table for a BBQ

Summer seems to have surprised us once again with glorious weather and the Bank Holiday weekend was the perfect time to throw a BBQ! I love taking care when it comes to my home decorations and getting spendy in pound shops on cute tableware is currently my jam.

Dining al fresco in the sunshine is so lovely but sometimes I find my outdoor tables (aka decorating tables) aren’t large enough to fit a feast on – and in that case, it’s time to take the party indoors and set up camp on the dining room table.


I decided on a blue table theme with a matching tablecloth, napkins and cute tealights to add some interest to my table. I’m really into wooden table wear too; ever since I snapped up my new salad bowl in Dunelm Mill a couple of weeks ago.

When it comes to BBQ’s, I tend to go overboard by having a selection of crisps and dips, pasta salad, a huge salad bowl with a choice of dressings and the classic – pork sausages and brioche buns. Delicious!

However, if you want to take your catering to next level and you feel like you’re feeding the 5000, it’s worth taking a look at Inn Supplies.


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