Life // Feeling The Blogger Pressure

Life // Feeling The Blogger Pressure

Part and parcel of being a blogger these days is prep. When I first started reading blog posts they were diary-style entries with the majority of images taken on the bloggers’ phone. Outfit shots snapped in the mirror and product images taken wherever. But now, we’re dealing with a whole different ball game.

Just 6 years down the line, this little blog has undertaken a couple of re-brands including a name change (does anyone remember Musings of Ruby?!) and now blogging is big business. And this is where the pressure comes in. Writing up the post, taking perfect images to accompany, sharing across social media. Blogging is such a big business with so many of us creating amazing content – the pressure to get your blog to rank, grow and generate comments can sometimes make you wonder if it’s all worth it.

I’ve said before that I don’t write to turn this into my career. I blog as I used to work as a Copywriter, but since taking a step away from Content and moving into SEO / Outreach, I create posts to I get to write but also because I love that this is my hobby. Yes it takes up time but if it’s something you enjoy why not?

I touched on a recent post about my yearly goals that I want to improve my photography. This is because amazing images are rife on Instagram and I want to be up there with the best so I take it as friendly competition. The kind that wills you on to be better.

Yes, the pressure exists. I currently taking part in Blog Every Day May. Some days it’s a bit of struggle – thinking up a new post for every day. But it’s half of the fun. And I’m enjoying throwing these insightful posts into the mix, so I’m not just talking food and beauty. I mean, variety is the spice of life and I’m enjoying the challenges blogging throws my way.

Stay tuned to see what I blog about next….

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