Life // Yearly Goals

Life // Yearly Goals

Before I start this post, I must explain that I’m not the kinda gal who has loads of goals. Not cos I’m not ambitious or want to see/do things but because I’m kinda happy-go-lucky. Go with the flow. I like to plan my weekends and what restaurants I want to visit but I just try not to think long-term.

I think this is mainly because you never know what’s going to happen. People change, circumstances change, you change. In the last 12 months I’ve changed jobs, choosing to go into a field I’ve wanted too for a while, but didn’t think I quite had the experience for. I’ve moved house; leaving home to live with a boy. And we got a dog. Something that defo wasn’t on the radar 6 months ago.

But I have a couple of goals that I normally keep close to my chest, but thought why not share them and give them a shot at coming true?

  • Own an expensive handbag.

Yeahhh, so I thought I’d start off high priority, lol. I’m definitely a handbag girl and top of the list is a Chanel quilted bag. Black please. I don’t think this will happen, unless I win the lottery or something but a girl can dream.

  • Decorate at least one room in my home.

Currently we’re in a rented property so it’s 50 shades of magnolia. Dull. But, eventually I’d like to put our own stamp on the place and decorate. Paint a couple of walls, upgrade our sofa and hang pictures. Just make it more of a home.

  • Continue to grow my blog.

Yep, this space on the internet. Last year I bought my domain to start my enhance my DA and I updated my template to make it feel more ‘me’. I’m loving the content I’m producing right now and just want to keep growing and improving.

  • Develop my photography skills

So, this one is kinda linked to the last one.  Again, I bought a new camera last year and my photos are definitely improving but I want to shoot more interesting images. More food review pics, more colourful lifestyle images.  Blogging is merely a hobby, but right now I’m loving it so why not take time and care with it?

  • Save, save save

The long(er) term plan with my man-friend is to eventually have a house deposit saved. So, I’m trying to reign in my shopping habit, tell myself I don’t need any many pairs of clothes/shoes/bags/make-up/everything and get sensible with my money. Or, do what I really want to do which is save up and then blow it on the handbag mentioned in point 1. Yeahh maybe not. It’s times like these, I’m glad my boyfriend doesn’t read my blog!

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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