Life // How I Get Motivated To Write New Posts

Blogging motivation comes from many different places. Sometimes, there’s a recipe or beauty product I just want to talk about, a restaurant I want to share or generally have ideas for posts in mind. But every now and again, I get stuck. Stuck for ideas and inspiration. It’s that age old dilemma of, something I find interesting to read about, my readers might not.

But then I remember my blog is my own and whilst we all secretly deep down want the comments, the likes and our posts to do well; I realise I’ve got to enjoy my content too.

So I scroll through BlogLovin to see what my favourite bloggers are talking about or I google list posts, which give post ideas for times like these, when I get stuck. I want my blog to keep ticking over, new content featuring regularly and it to continue to grow, steadily, like it has over the past few years.

And so, that’s why posts like this very one appear. A slight step-change from my usual content, talking about food & beauty comes a real post. Where I just write and then post it and see. And I suppose it is real content. Real in the sense that it highlights my lack of usual kind of posts but honest enough to present a diary-like entry.

Following on from this, I think I’m going to write up a ‘normal’ kinda post all about attempting to be healthy. But every now and again it’s good to strip back to basics and go old-school with a diary entry. I mean, that’s how this blog began 6 years ago…

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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