Interiors // How To Make Your Home Instagrammable

Whether you’re a blogger or not, we’re all over our Instagram feed and sharing our pics to get those likes. And lately I’m loving sharing pictures of my home. Making your personal space look amazing for both yourself and your grid is a must these days and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be lusting after the marble trend, adoring white wash kitchens and cute pastel accessories. All designed to keep your Insta grid  on fleek!


So, how can you update your home or uni room to look ultra-cute and chic, without spending a fortune?

Well, it’s easy. From upcycling old furniture with a quick lick of paint or discovering the best homeware shops designed to suit any budget, I’m all about interior shopping without breaking the bank!

Taking an old bedside table or set of chairs and give it a quick lick of paint to add some colour and bring it back to life is so easy. This is especially great, if like me, you’re a renter and don’t have much leeway with decoration.

White is a classic, but why not get inventive with colour? Pastels are great for spring and soft green and blue shades will instantly transform your dining or living room.

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Homeware shopping is fast overtaking my love for clothes shopping…I know, I went there. But there’s nothing I adore more than soft, throws to chuck over my sofa in browns and creams. Or, slogan cushions to add some personality. And let’s not get started on my love for candles and trinkets. So, where’s good to shop?

All hail Primark. Forget browsing shoes and cute tops, head to the Homeware department stat! Primark is on trend and will suit any budget. Bedding, fairy lights and their candle collection is just amazing and perfect for getting those Instagram likes!

Supermarkets! Just like Primarni, when you’re doing your weekly shop, swing by the homeware collection to have a nosey. I love slogan prints and multi-app photo frames. So personal to you and a great way to update your home – without any DIY needed!

Well that’s my way of making my house look great without costing the earth and still leaving enough behind for a trip to Pizza Express during my shopping trip!

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