Life // My Social Media Detox

Life // My Social Media Detox

I’m obsessed with my phone. There, I said it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin – you name it, I’m refreshing it. I commute around 3 hours a day to and from work and I either stare out of the window or refresh my phone during my journey. In the evening, once I’ve caught up with my boyfriend and cooked dinner, I have one eye on the TV and the other seeing if I’m missing anything on any of the many apps on my phone.


I used to spend my evenings reading magazines. Like, religiously. Every Tuesday on magazine day I’d take a trip to the shop on my way home from work and buy that weeks’ edition of Heat, Closer, New and Now. Despite them all pretty much saying the same thing, I read them regardless and I loved it. But, for whatever reason, I stopped buying weeklies, choosing to save reading time for the monthly mags, Glamour and Cosmo and reading blogs took precedence.

I actually love reading blogs and it’s one of my ways to wind down after a day in work – but it’s becoming daily. And this means I’m spending all day staring at two screens in work and then coming home to remain attached to my iPhone all night.

So this is my plea. I’m taking a social media detox. I’ll check my phone in the morning on the train to work and then in the evening on my way home but then once I’m home I need to put it away. I have books that are half read and I owe Netflix a serious catch-up. So, I’ll spend my time catching up on Jessica Jones and I want to watch Love on Netflix after reading rave reviews.

Basically my unread posts on BlogLovin aren’t going anywhere so that shall be a weekend treat, rather than a nightly ritual. Wish me luck…fingers crossed I can actually bear to leave Instagram and Twitter alone….

4 responses to “Life // My Social Media Detox”

  1. haha, can completely agree with this.. Though, I don’t work or have a commute, I’m a stay home mummy, which offers a lot of computer my partner and i have some evenings together a week so I won’t be on the computer or my phone then, but yeah.. I’m a refresher!
    Good luck to you.. sadly, I won’t be joining you. :p


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