Drink // Veeno Liverpool Wine Tasting

Drink // Veeno Liverpool Wine Tasting

Earlier this week I was invited along to classic wine bar, Veeno on Castle Street, Liverpool. As a self-confessed lover of wine I was intrigued to try a selection of reds and whites and understand what makes Italian and Sicilian wine just so delicious.

Veeno is a small wine bar and what it lacks in space, it makes up for in wine! The cosy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to stop off for a glass of red before heading out to dinner or to unwind after a day at work in the city. Our server, Ryan, had extensive knowledge of the different wines available and whether they should be drank with food or enjoyed alone.

I should put a disclaimer in here that I’m not usually a red girl. Partly because I’m yet to find ‘the one’ and with so many on offer I never known which to order. But by the end of the night I was definitely converted!

We were treated to two large platters filled with cold meats, breads, pate and cheeses, catering to the 5 different wines.

We began with a sweet, white Pinot Grigio which was delicious. It was the kind of Pinot I could drink all night. We were advised to drink this with bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic, which was just delicious. You could tell the flavours really complimented each other. The second white we sampled was my favourite of the night – an Inzolia. It was very sweet yet smooth to drink.

I found the whites to be very refreshing, and palette-cleansing, which was ideal before we moved onto the reds. We sampled 3 reds in total, each one intensifying in flavour. The first was my favourite red of the night. I would say it was rich in flavour, almost woody but really easy to drink. It tasted delicious and one I could easily drink all night.

We ended the evening with a dessert wine, a masala, served with the yummies slice of tiramisu. Homemade, we were advised to drizzle the masala over the dessert. Masala ages in the barrel for 5 years before it’s served and it really enriches the intensity and flavour.

Interestingly, all of the wines sold by the glass and the bottle in Veeno are produced in their very own vineyard in Italy.  There are currently 5 branches across the UK, with the plan to expand to a massive 90 branches by the end of the year. This means there’ll be no excuse not to visit and find your favourite red or white!

I really enjoyed the wine tasting evening and can’t wait to visit again. The cosy, homely décor and exposed wine cellar showcases these guys know their stuff and you will easily find the wine for you!

*I attended the complimentary wine tasting, however all opinions are truly my own.

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