Careers // How I Got My Job in Copywriting

I haven’t really blogged about my job before but with the blogging industry taking centre stage the last year or so and media type jobs, such as social media, PR, copywriting and blogger outreach becoming highly sought after careers, I thought I’d blog about my own career to date.

I graduated six years ago with a Journalism degree from UCLAN and back then blogging wasn’t as wide-spread as it is now and I didn’t have a clue about SEO, PPC or that writing online could be a viable career!

Eighteen months after I graduated and after a year spent working at Matalan’s head office in the Customer Services dept, a role came up in the E-Commerce department for a graduate Copywriter, with a knowledge of WordPress. Having started this very blog on WordPress two years prior,  I submitted my application.

I worked as a Copywriter writing for the website, covering mens’ and womens’ fashion, kidswear and homeware for two years. I learnt so much those first couple of years that help me in my ccurrent role. I discovered the importance of SEO, brand blogs, blogger outreach and I gifted bloggers who’ve gone on to become just amazing in this  crazy industry.

I honed my writing skills and truly believe I’ve learnt more than my degree ever taught me. Following on from Matalan, I worked at an agency for a short time and found it wasn’t for me, freelanced and now I work for AO.

My career has definitely developed and I still blogging and now I dabble in coding too, which is just crazy yet great to learn. I may write a blog post on that soon…

I think I’ll start this as the first post in a Careers series, talking about the importance of SEO and how blogging can lead to fantastic career opps.

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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