Food // Peppers, Celery and Bacon Pasta 

I try and cook fresh homemade meals as many nights of the week as I can. But sometimes, as the fridge starts to empty out, you need to get inventive with your lack of ingredients. And that’s how this dish came to life! 

I discovered one red pepper, a stick of celery, 4 rashers of bacon and half a tub of double pouring cream….I know, right? The best kind of cream.   

I chucked all of the above into a pan with some rapeseed oil and gently fried away. 

In a second pan I boiled wholemeal pasta and once it was cooked, stirred through some sundried tomato pesto. 

Serve with bread and a mixed leaf salad, it was delicious. The perfect, using up the contents of the fridge, meal! Dead quick on a Monday night after work too!     


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