Food // Giving up for Lent

Food // Giving up for Lent

I never really do anything for Lent. I always tell myself I’ll attempt to give something up but after a couple of days I give in and carry on as before. But after indulging a little too much lately, I thought it would be the much needed kick up the butt I need to give up unnecessary snacking until Easter.

So, with this in mind I’ve decided to stop eating the oh so good but naughty stuff – aka chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks. They’ve become an every other day occurrence so I’m gonna see if I can actually stick to it and stop for 40 days, 40 nights till Easter.

I’m also using my new so Instagrammable diary from My Little Box as a food diary to keep track of my meals. Home cooking each night is back on the agenda and I’m finding I really look forward to each meal more.

I stocked up on healthy snacks during my Aldi shop so my work desk is now full of mini packs of raisons, dried fruit and an assortment of flavoured green teas. Work is where I struggle the most as we have chocolate and crisps free to all, so my willpower will really have to show itself here!

I’ve got a few food posts planned so I can blog new recipes as I stay on track till Easter. Wish me luck!

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