Life // Why blog in 2016?

Life // Why blog in 2016?

Blogging has shifted from being a place to house an online diary to becoming a massive industry that’s presenting ordinary people as cover girls and those to aspire to become.

I started this very blog back in the summer of 2010 to build a portfolio of work, articles rather to showcase in future job interviews. To prove that I hadn’t let my journalism degrees go to waste. It did become rather useful and helped me land my first copywriting role in 2012 – the same career path I’m on now 4 years later.

 In my current job I’ve learnt to  code and my writing skills have strengthened over time – both massively helpful when I’m re-designing and updating my blog so it remains ‘current’.

It’s quite funny actually as my boyfriend is a trainee computer science teacher and coding is one of his modules. When he tries to get the kids at his secondary school to understand how they could use these skills in the future, the girls get it when he says they can become the next Zoella. The face of blogging has defo taken a shift and changed gear for the better.

But when it comes to my blog, nowadays I do it because it’s fun. And I love having my own website to look back on and nurture. Food posts are standard practise around these parts, however beautiful cakes are often few and far between. But when an email landed in my inbox from Eat Your Photo, the lovely guys behind personalised photo cakes, asking if I’d like to review their cakes embossed with my blog logo I jumped at the chance.

Now, I’m not just saying this but these cakes were amazing. Soft, fluffy sponge topped with utterly delicious icing and buttercream. Seriously, just wow. My blog logo is adorned across each one which is just a lovely touch.

It’s taking part in lovely campaigns like this that make me so happy to be part of this massively growing blogging business! Let’s see what else happens in 2016!

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