Food // My Penne Bolognese Recipe

Since we moved into our new home, I’ve loved having my very own kitchen and space to cook.

I blogged last week about being quite poorly over the New Year but now I’m out of hospital and back home, I’m upping our veggie intake and getting into the swing of making meals from scratch again!

So earlier this week I rustled up an oldie but a goodie, a spag bol. Well, without the spaghetti so I substituted penne instead.



What do you need?

  • Lean mince meat or quorn if you’re taking part in veganuary
  • Fresh veggies – go wild! I decided to throw in courgette, peppers, mushrooms and 2 red onions
  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes
  • Mixed herbs to season
  • Pasta! Spirals, penne or spaghetti – use whichever you fancy!

Method to the cooking madness

  • Chop up your veggies
  • Brown your meat using oil to cook. I’m loving Aldi’s rapeseed oil at the minute as it smells amazing and it’s healthy too
  • Pop your pasta in a pan with a pinch of salt. Cook until al dente – or for as long as it says on the packet
  • Add your passata to the meat / veggies and season with mixed herbs
  • Once brown dish up and enjoy!

I serve mine with a healthy dollop of grated cheese on top and garlic bread on the side – the perfect accompaniment to pasta!

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