Life // Blogging in 2015

2015 was the year I decided to put my all into my blog and really define what I want to talk about on my space of the internet.

Having been blogging for a whopping 5 years and hitting that milestone back in June, I really enjoyed upping my content and honing in on food and beauty this year.

Sometimes there’s pressure in the blogging world to do what everybody else is doing but it’s best to stay true to you. I personally love to read lifestyle blogs to discover new recipes to try and beauty blogs to find reviews on new make up I want to buy. So, because these two areas are my interest, this became my niche. It doesn’t matter whether 5 or 500 people are reading my posts, as I enjoy what I’m writing about.

This year I made the conscious decision to invest in my photography. Not in the way many blogger are, by investing in an Olympus Pen,  but I upgraded my point and shoot, thought about props, lighting and backgrounds. Essentially I just developed my hobby for blogging by thinking about what images are supporting my words.

And this paid off as my top 9 Instagram posts show. You guys love clean, sleek images and it makes both my Insta grid and blog look so much better!

This was also the year I upgraded my blog design, making images the focus. It’s a different format to many blogs out there, but I love the simplistic design, letting the posts do the talking.

So what’s to come in 2016?

More content! More food posts and  I’m going to get back in beauty as that aspect has been missing around these parts for a while. But I want to continue to develop my photography skills. I’ve loved photographing food and showing how I put recipes together. This year I loved doing restaurant reviews too, so expect more to appear.

This year I was lucky enough to work with a selection of amazing food and lifestyle brands, which is always exciting. So I’m  looking forward to any exciting opportunities that may fall my way again.

Blogging is such a fantastic industry to be part of and hopefully 2016 will be another great year for Ruth Writes!



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