Weekly food shop haul

This blog is here to chat about food and beauty equally but when I’m on a health kick it shows with an array of new recipes to try. But today I thought I’d try something a bit different with my weekly food shop haul.

I’m really nosey and love seeing what people pop in their basket at the supermarket. So I thought I’d go one further with a haul. I’m back following Slimming World so I picked up an even mix of veggies, breakfast food and quick snack.

So let’s get started-

  • Cereal – museli and Aldi’s own special k
  • Veggies – butternut squash to make soup, mushrooms for yummy garlic ‘shrooms, avocado cos obvs, pea shoots and leaves to make tasty salads and grapes to snack on at work.
  • Pita breads – homemade kebabs are a winner in my book. The perfect fakeaway meal!
  • Fishcakes are a new addition to my shopping list. Aldi do a great variation and I’m loving mine with sweet potato wedges and salad.
  • Red pepper hummus to eat with oatcakes or ricecakes for lunch at work.
  • I picked up a packet of couscous as I thought this will go nicely with my second fishcake and salad later in the week.
  • Fat free yogurts are full of flavour and these toffee flavoured yogs are ideal to stop sweet cravings at work.
  • I picked up a packet of chorizo as I plan to make homemade tortilla pizzas this weekend.
  • And, lastly toffee apple soreen. It was on offer and I couldn’t resist with Halloween and Bonfire Night around the corner!!

There we have it, my weekly shop for one. It only cost me £19 and I can make lots of yummy meals to keep me on the dieting straight and narrow this week!

Hi there, I read and reply to all the comments I receive. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by.

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