Recipe: Stuffed Mushrooms

Sometimes I’m in the mood to cool, sometimes I can’t be bothered and there are the odd few days when I know I need to eat healthily. And this is my fail-safe recipe. 

Yummy, loads of flavour and kinda on the healthy side, stuffed mushrooms are a winner in my book.

So what do you need?

It’s dead easy. Take a packet of large open top mushrooms. Full with whatever you fancy. Tonight I fancied garlic cream cheese and cherry toms, which will roast in the oven.   
 Or you could fry some bacon and top with cheese. Or throw in some onion for good measure. 

Pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes. And serve. 

Delicious, fuss-free and you’ll feel like you’ve treated your body to a little bit of goodness afterwards! 

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