Food: Lucho Libre Liverpool

On Saturday I paid a well overdue visit to Lucho Libre in Liverpool. A delicious tapas style Mexican restaurant tucked away just off Bold Street, it certainly didn’t fail to impress.

I was in the city for a catch up with one of my oldest friends and we decided to start the afternoon with food and a cocktail. Why not on the weekend, hey?

I opted for the sweet potato and chorizo quesadilla and a side of piggy piggy piggy fries. Yep named thrice, they were a delicious batch of sweet potato and normal fries topped with pulled pork – delicious! 

We arrived at around 3ish and whilst every table was full, there was a chilled out atmosphere and the staff were really tentative, without being too much. Sometimes in restaurants I find you can be asked if everything’s ok a little too much and that’s when it can grate. But Licho Libre were fab. 

All three of us had a main and a side dish and the bill was below £50 with drinks too. It just set us up for the rest of the day perfectly! 

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