Travel: Discovering Shoreditch

Last Sunday I boarded a Virgin pendalino and made my way down south for the day. Since finishing university 5 years ago it’s becoming harder and harder to gather all the girls in one place as we are so spread out. So we decided what better than a day spent in the big smoke? 

We decided to head over to Shoreditch for the day. The sunshine came out to play and the weather was gorgeous for an afternoon of discovering Brick Lane, delicious cocktails in East London bars and a glass of Pimms on the embankment as the sun set. 

Pretty sweet right? 



Once we hit Shoreditch we found ourselves inside the Old Spitalfield Market. Food stalls galore, this is where we started to wish we hasn’t already eaten earlier at a Mexican restaurant! 

And that was our day in the city in a nutshell. Now I better start thinking about train tickets for my next trip….

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    Aww looks like you had a great time, I’m glad you managed to get all your friends together for it! x

    Stephanie |

  2. misspond says:

    I love Shoreditch! I used to head there every year for the Brick Lane music festival, always great fun. If you go off the beat and track there’s some great graffiti/street art trails too.

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